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Mr. Ratica (Jack) has worked with Norwin Band from 1978 to 1990 a second time 2004-16 and a third time 2018-21 for a total of 30 years.  During his time with the band they have won 4 BOA Class Championships, 1 BOA Grand National Championship and 1 US Bands National Championship.  He and his wife, Mary Lou, live in Butler, PA and he is retired from the Butler Area School District as an elementary school principal.  Jack has taught and designed shows for bands in five states, along with many of the circuit class champions in PIMBA and LMBA. In addition to judging for DCI and for over 25 years with BOA, he has judged band shows across the country including the Kentucky, North Carolina, Illinois, Oklahoma and the Indiana State Championships.  Jack has held the office of Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Federation of Contest Judges three different times cumulatively for over ten years.

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