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Welcome to the Norwin Band!!

Visit the Calendar to see upcoming events and the summer schedule.

Important Dates
New Member Orientation - Wednesday, May 22nd and Wednesday May 29th, 2024 from 6-8pm

 **Students should attend both dates, parents should attend one date for an informational meeting**

Band Camp - Monday, July 29th-Friday, August 2nd, 12-8:30pm AND Monday, August 5th-Friday, August 9th from 8:30am-5pm


Is Marching Band Required?

Yes, marching band is a component of the band class.  All students enrolled in band participate in marching band and concert ensembles. Though it is a large investment of time, most students find this time to be very rewarding.  Marching band ends in late October. 

Does band/marching band “work” with other activities?

Yes!! In most cases, school sports and activities can co-exist with band.  Fall sports require some advanced planning, but we have had students involved in: cross country, soccer, swimming, volleyball, track, along with many other clubs and activities.  Please contact Mr. Daniels if you have questions about a specific activity.

Are students required to audition for band?

Brass and Woodwind players are not required to audition for admission to band, Percussionists are required to audition and will audition in late spring.

Is there a cost associated with participation in band?

We ask that all families contribute their Fairshare amount to the Norwin Band Aides to help offset the cost.  There are many opportunities to fundraise and volunteer to offset these costs.  NO STUDENT will be denied participation due to financial concerns, we just ask that you communicate those concerns with the Band Aides.

Will new 9th graders feel overwhelmed if they are doing marching band and taking Honors Classes?

We have found that honors students in band also accel in their regular academic classes.  We have students at all levels, including students taking multiple AP and Honors Classes.  Students will need to manage their time in the fall, but Mr. Kandrack and myself work closely with students to ensure academic and musical success.

Does the Band travel?

Yes!! The band travels regularly during the fall and spring. In recent years we have travelled to New York, Indianapolis, Washington DC, and Hershey Park. Students can expect at least one trip each school year. We strive to provide a wide range of experiences to all students incvolved in the program.

More Questions?? Please get in touch with us!!

Thank You! We will get back to you soon!
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