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Fall Concession Sports Event Schedule

This is an Editable Google Doc Spread Sheet
Find The Times You Want To Work and fill in your information.
Any Questions ? Email: Kim Byers at
Fair Share Points Are Given For Each Shift Worked For Concession Workers !

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This is an Editable Google Doc Spread Sheet
Find The Times You Want To Work and fill in your information.
Any Questions ? Email: Kim Byers at
Fair Share Points Are Given For Each Shift Worked For Concession Workers !

The Norwin Band Aides are under contract with the Norwin School District to operate the stadium concession stand at all of the fall sports events held at the stadium, including but not limited to Friday night football games, JV football games, girls and boys soccer games, girls field hockey, freshman and middle school football.

from the concession stand are a very important contribution to the band yearly budget. It is important that the Band Aides volunteers continue to provide first class service in the concession stand to our Community.
The success of this fundraising effort
depends on each band/guard familyís participation.

Each band/guard family is
expected to volunteer time working in the stadium concession stand for the fall sports events as each band/guard family benefits from the concession stand profit.
the concession stand income, each studentís fair share portion would be much more than it currently is.

Attached above is a link to the Norwin Band Aides Concession Stand Sports Events calendar.
times listed on the calendar are the actual start times of each athletic event.

is the master concession stand sign up schedule which shows the actual
volunteer report times (which are one hour before the event start times to allow for food prep)
and the number of volunteers needed for each event.

Following are the concession stand (CS) points guidelines:

- Parents/guardians and high school age or older students who work at the stadium CS at a fall sporting event
will receive 10 points for each sporting event and/or Friday football shift

(prep to half-time and half-time to end of clean-up) worked. Work both shifts at Friday Football get 20 points.

For each eligible CS event
worked, 10 points will be deposited into the band/guard studentís points account to be used towards their Fair Share obligation.
A parent/guardian, high school student, and/or family
member can work an unlimited number of CS events and earn 10 points for each event and /or as long as an open work slot is available on the sign-up schedule for the CS sporting event.

The schedule slots will be filled on a first come, first serve basis.

- Members with multiple students and/or in winterguard/floor crew and those who are in need of some financial assistance are encouraged to work as many events as possible to receive additional points toward their points account for their multiple students, for the winterguard/floor crew season and financial needs.

- Members must work the complete event from prep to finish to be eligible to receive their 10

points for the event. A sign-up sheet with the names of those scheduled to work the CS fall
sporting event will be provided for each event.

Members are required to sign the schedule
sign-in sheet upon arrival at the CS with final approval by the event CS leader that the member worked the complete event to receive their 10 points in their points account.

It is the
responsibility of the member to make sure that they sign-in.
It is not the responsibility of the CS
Leader to sign a worker in.

- Students (high school age or older) are welcome to work after school events in the CS
as needed and scheduled.
Studentís CS work hours are eligible towards a familyís points
Student work hours may also count toward a studentís service hour requirements if
No more than 50% of the available work slots can be filled by students, and
students are not permitted to handle money.

- Points earned at the stadium concession stand will be reported to
Laurie Junker, the points Coordinator, at the end of
each month.

Points System Coordinator Laurie Junker

- Points earned can be carried over to future school years. Any points that are left in a studentís points account after high school graduation will be put into the band general fund, or can transferred to a sibling in the Band or Guard.

We are also in need of CS event leaders for each fall sport. A CS event leader would be present for the respective sport and provide direction for the workers.

As a lead, you are guaranteed a spot for that particular sporting event.
The event leader position can also be shared by several people or even a band section.

We will also need parents to work the CS for some Saturday events during band competitions.
If you do not plan to go to a particular Saturday band competition, please consider working at the CS.

Once you have reviewed the CS calendar and selected the events that work for your schedule,
all you need to do to sign up to work is to send an e-mail to ""
with the name of the sporting event you plan to work along with the date and time, the name(s) of the volunteer(s) who will be working, and the name of the band/guard student(s) who should receive the points credit.

Slots will be filled on a first come, first serve basis for each event.
The work schedule will be updated on the Band Aides website on a regular basis.

You will be able to check the work schedule on the Band Aides website to confirm the date(s) you requested has been posted, to see if a slot is open for an event that you and/or a family member are available to work, and to check to see if there are friends working events that you would like to work with.

As a suggestion, it is good to consider working while the band has practice on Monday and Wednesday evenings which last about the same time as the sports event.

Please keep in mind that there is a possibility that changes may be made to the fall sports calendar so be sure to check the calendar on the Band Aides website for the latest information.

To comply with food safety guidelines, all concession stand volunteers must abide by the following:

Long hair must be pulled back, Head must be covered with a hat or hairnet, so be sure to bring your own.

Closed toe shoes Only.

Permitted Jewelry is only wedding band and stud earrings.

Gloves must be worn when handling food.

The Norwin Band Aides also provide a concession stand at other events including:

The Norwin Band Festival, November Craft Show, Winterguard shows, and the May Car Cruise.

Kimberly Byers

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