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Get the Norwin Band to Grand Nationals !!
Our Goal Is To Raise $10,000
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We are asking for your generous support to help get all of our band and colorguard students back to the 2021 Bands of America Grand National Championships in Indianapolis where—for the first time in 10 years—they will perform with over 100 other marching bands from all over the nation.
This is a "positively life-changing" opportunity for all of our students and we need your help!!

Many of you have memories and experiences from performing with the Norwin Band at Grand National Championships and other competitions. We are working hard to continue to provide these opportunities to the current generation of Norwin students. 

We also ask that when you donate, please share your experience from Grand Nationals or other competitions with us so that we can connect with you, and hear your story!

When you donate, you will directly contribute to travel expenses for our 3-day trip to Grand Nationals! The Norwin Marching Band has a long and illustrious history in the competitive marching band arena, including being named the 1982 Bands of America Grand National Champion and the 2019 BOA Mid-Atlantic Regional Co-Champion. As we transition back to normal operations after the COVID-19 pandemic we are asking for your help as a family member, alumni, friend, or community member associated with the Norwin Band. We had to cancel our most successful fundraisers during the 2020 season, so now we’re pulling out all the stops to make up for lost time.

Trips like these provide powerful motivation for students. They help us recruit and retain students. They give students a reason to stay engaged and aim high throughout the season. Trips like this one allow our students to experience the best performances from across the country. In short, this trip helps us give every student in our program a high quality experience. In turn, their experience makes them strong citizens and successful humans.

The mission of the Norwin Band Aides is to support music education in the Norwin School District and provide the highest quality educational, performance, and competitive opportunities for Norwin Band students. As a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, they provide opportunities for students to have an enriching performing arts education and opportunities beyond those which the Norwin School District can financially provide. The Norwin Band Aides want every Norwin student to have the opportunity to participate and excel in the performing arts. With your donation today, you have a unique opportunity to change a student’s life and provide them with a truly life-changing experience.

As I am sure you can imagine, traveling for multiple days with over 150 students and staff is tremendously expensive. When considering your donation, here is what some amounts can pay for:

$10 - snacks for a student for the trip
$15 - 1 lunch for one student
$20 - 1 dinner for one student
$100 - meals for one student for the trip
$175 - one hotel room night for 4 students (2 nights required)
$350 - hotel room for the trip for 4 students
$1500 - 1 bus for one day (5 required)
$2500 - dinner for the entire band

We are looking forward to seeing you this season, and thank you for your support!

Please visit us at

Tim Daniels
Norwin Director of Bands

Brandon Kandrack
Assistant Band Director

Rob Mihalchik
Norwin Band Aides President

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